"Philomena's New Glasses"

Specs lead to spats in “Philomena’s New Glasses” by Brenna Maloney, the tale of three adorable guinea pig sisters shown in a series of creative photographs. 

Philomena, Audrey and Nora Jane have a bad case of sibling rivalry – each sis wants what the other has. The premise is comical, but the book has undertones that smack of the truth.

The barbs fly when Philomena gets glasses, purple and hip they transform her vision from blurry to clear. Audrey is envious – and follows suit, leaving Philomena flummoxed and accusatory, “You don’t need glasses,” she quips.

To appease her, Audrey pushes her specs on top of her head, where they stay. Next, Nora Jane weighs in. Her vision’s fine, but she’d like to have glasses too, and opts for a white pair.

A purse is a necessity when you wear glasses – every girly guinea pig knows that. Soon Philomena sports a snazzy bag from a boutique, adorned with butterflies. Imagine how that makes Audrey feel? She needs a purse too, something to stash her greens glasses in; a green bag fits the bill.

Nora Jane isn’t a snacker and claims her arms are too short for a handbag, but she can’t let sisters get ahead of her; she nabs a polka dot purse and sticks in a few carrots inside for a punch of color.

Of course the girls have to have outfits to go along with their accessories and the hilarity continues in this clever picture book. Besides being entertaining, it provides insight on how things don’t always have to be even-steven.