“Patina” by Jason Reynolds is a book about an independent, argumentative girl named Patina Jones. Everyone calls her Patty. She has a little sister, Maddy. When she was six-years-old something happened. Her dad Ronnie kissed everyone goodnight and went to sleep, never to wake again. Three years later, her mom Beverly, who enjoyed running, lost her legs to diabetes.

Because Patina’s mom is not able to take care of the two girls, they live with their Aunt Emily, a.k.a., Momly, and Uncle Tony. Patina’s mom lives in a house by herself, and Momly takes care of her. Since she also needs dialysis, Momly takes Beverly to her appointments too.

Patty runs on the Defenders track team with Curron, Sunny, Lu, Ghost, Deja, Brit-Brat and Krystal. They have two coaches, Coach Whit and Coach. Curron is the leader of the team, and Ghost is the fastest boy on the team. Patina is the fastest girl on the team. One day during track, when Patina and Krystal get in a fight about Patina’s family, Coach Whit has to break it up. Patina still enjoyed being on the team.

In the middle of class one day, Patina is called to the office. Her Uncle Tony is there to pick her up and take her to the hospital. When she finds out her aunt and Maddy have been in a car accident, Patina is worried because she already lost her dad and her mom is disabled. She doesn’t want to lose her sister and aunt. Luckily, her aunt has only broken a few bones, and Maddy is fine.

My favorite part of the story is at the end where Patina and the other girls on her track team run a relay against other teams. Although a girl on her team drops the baton, Patina manages to catch up and help her team win.

I like Patina and was able to relate to her personality. Both she and I are strong-willed and can be argumentative. I also like the story’s messages about never giving up and how you cannot run away from your problems.