"Paris Metro"

I thoroughly enjoyed this book of fiction, the “Paris Metro.” It is a contemporary novel, taking place in the 21st century. The character development is perfect and the historical details are worth reading twice.

The questions raised are the stuff of today’s headlines.

The story revolves around Kit, a war correspondent, who has spent much of her professional career in the Middle East. She is entangled with an Iraqi diplomat and his son who come to live with them. Other characters are her two “godfathers”— friends of her father who promised to take care of Kit.

The “family” is rounded out with two fellow journalists, one a photojournalist. Kit is fatigued with war, with political correctness and being “objective.” She becomes irate and is very angry.

The story comes into sharp focus in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo shootings, in Paris, where Kit suffers a huge loss. The shootings at the Bataclan Theater in 2015 are the next event that sends Kit spiraling.

There are hints of suspicions. Is her ex, the Iraqi diplomat, really doing what he says he is doing? What is her stepson learning at the mosque? Who really are his friends? Are you guilty by association? Will it always be us/them? Can cultural clashes, both ancient and new, be resolved? Is there one humanity? In this marvelous read, there are surprises that you don’t see coming, which add to the suspense.

The “Paris Metro” is a book that stays with you for a while. It’s a perfect choice for book clubs as well as for personal enrichment. You will enjoy this story.