"One for Sorrow"

“One For Sorrow,” by Mary Downing Hahn, is a novel about friendship and the way you should treat others.

Elsie Schneider, a little blonde who has zero friends, finally gets the chance to make friends with Annie Browne, the new girl at school. She walks into school and Elsie immediately befriends her. Elsie clings to her side and doesn’t let anyone else talk to her so that no one can steal her away.

Annie, acting as nicely as she can, likes Elsie and doesn’t mind her clinginess. She is the only one who doesn’t make fun of Elsie, at least not out loud.

When Elsie gets the Spanish Influenza and doesn’t come to school for a couple of weeks, Annie and Rosie, another girl at school, along with some others, get close and band together to turn Annie against Elsie.

Elsie returns to school a few weeks later and her worst nightmare had come true: Annie is no longer her friend. Rosie, Annie, and the others begin to bully Elsie and steal her flu mask. The next day they receive the news that Elsie has died.

Annie and the others feel horrible, but relieved at the same time. They all go sledding in the cemetery and Annie accidentally crashes into Elsie’s tombstone, awakening her spirit. Will Annie be able to get rid of Elsie or will she be stuck with her for all eternity?

“One For Sorrow” is a book that I think was very well written. It has this power to drag you in and make you want to read non-stop. I would recommend it anyone who loves spooky ghost stories; it’s perfect for Halloween.