In the Wintersea Republic, if you are born on Eventide you are supposedly cursed and will die at midnight on your 11th birthday. Morrigan Crow, the main character in Jessica Townsend’s fantasy “Nevermoor,” just happened to be born on that day.

A few days before her birthday, Morrigan’s father Chancellor Corvus Crow has to attend Bid Day an event when kids from different schools come and are bid on for apprenticeships.

As an early birthday present, Morrigan asks to go along. Her dad allows that with the stipulation that she won’t talk to anyone. Although no one, including Morrigan herself, believes she will receive any bids, she ends up getting four. This is more bids than any person has ever been offered, but things are not as they seem.

Ezra Squall is the second most powerful person in the Republic. In an attempt to make Morrigan his apprentice, he offers her three bids, all of which are tied to fake people. He sends a Mr. Jones to offer her a contract, have her sign it, and take her away. The plan is thwarted by Morrigan’s father and the Mayor.

When Morrigan gets home, she finds an envelope containing a letter and bid on the floor in her room. The letter states she has been selected as a candidate for entry into the Wunderous Society in Nevermoor. She signs the contract and immediately destroys it, believing that she would be dying soon. That, however, would not be the end of it.

On Morrigan’s birthday, while sitting at dinner, a man named Jupiter North comes to to pick her up and take her to Nevermoor. In an attempt to leave her cursed fate behind, she leaves with Jupiter. While trying to escape from a giant mechanical spider, they are chased by The Hunt of Smoke and Shadow. Jupiter and Morrigan make it to Nevermoor just before being caught. While in Nevermoor, Morrigan competes against others by accepting four different tasks or challenges in hopes of being one of nine people selected for the Wundrous Society.

If you want to know whether or not Morrigan successfully completes the trials and is chosen for the Wundrous Society, definitely give this book a chance. While this novel may seem lengthy, if you get into like I did, it will be hard for you to put down. “Nevermoor” has deception, magical twists and turns, and is full of excitement. I recommend it to any fan of magic.