"Lies You Never Told Me"

Books suck you in like whirlpools, spinning round as they weave you tightly into the story. “Lies You Never Told Me,” by Jennifer Donaldson, is definitely a whirlpool. Complete with mysterious characters, romance, and murder, this young adult story will leave you breathless and yearning for more.

Meet Gabe, a normal teenage boy doing normal teenage things with his normal girlfriend. Then there’s Sasha; Gabe’s girlfriend, who is, quite literally, willing to do anything to keep Gabe as her boyfriend.

When Gabe realizes that Sasha may not be the one for him, Sasha doesn’t take it too lightly. Add to the mix Catherine, Gabe’s current love interest and mystery girl, and you get a saucy story of romance and deception.

Seemingly unconnected, Elyse lives hours away in Portland, Oregon, trying to live a normal life, but in reality it’s far from normal. Tasked with caring for her druggie mother, Elyse must keep her life in order by paying the house bills, caring for herself, juggling a job, and doing schoolwork.

When Elyse is given an opportunity to play Juliet in the school play, she realizes that she can have fun too, and accepts the role. At times, Elyse seems to be twice her age, which she takes out of context a little too far when she and her drama teacher kiss in the back room. Subsequently, they have their own Romeo and Juliet forbidden romance that seems doomed from the beginning.

At the end of this book I gasped, set the book down and stood up. This story ended so unexpectedly, but yet amazingly. I recommend this book to anyone who wants a good nail biter.