"Landscape with Invisible Hand"

In “Landscape with Invisible Hand,” aliens called vuvvs come to a future version of Earth. They wanted to share their advanced technology with humans. A teenager named Adam thought it would be fine to share their world with the vuvvs, but their technology took over almost everyone’s jobs, including the jobs his parents had.

After Adam’s dad ran away to Georgia, his mom needed money to pay their bills. He, his mom, and sister had to rent out part of their house. They ended up renting it to the Marshes – Chloe, Hunter, and their father.

After the Marsh family moved in, Adam and Chloe spent time together and started dating. While dating, Chloe and Adam began taking videos of their outings. The vuvvs paid to watch these videos, which provided income for the two families. Adam, also a painter, sold his paintings to the vuvvs for money.

Eventually, Adam got Merrick’s Disease, an illness of the small intestine. Because of his disease, he and Chloe broke up and quit making videos. After the breakup, Adam entered a contest for teen artists, to get money for his family, but he did not win.

As it became more difficult to pay for the house, Adam’s mom realized that her name was not on the mortgage. Since his dad’s name was the only one on the mortgage, Adam and his family moved out of their house, assumed fake names, and moved to another state.

Personally, I found the book interesting, but since I read very few science fiction novels, it was hard for me to really “get into it.” I particularly liked how, at the end of the story, Adam’s mom found a way to leave their situation and start fresh.

If you enjoy science fiction or dystopian novels, you should consider reading “Landscape with Invisible Hand.”