Knights Vs. Dinosaurs

“Knights Vs. Dinosaurs,” by Matt Phelan, is the book for you if you like medieval, humorous stories.

It all begins when Sir Erec, a knight from Camelot, boasts that he has slain 40 dragons. Merlin knows Sir Erec is lying, so he mentions a place where there are terrible lizards, or dinosaurs. Not wanting to look weak in front of Merlin, Sir Erec volunteers to go slay these beasts. Three other knights also want to go. Their names are Sir Bors, Sir Hector, and the mysterious Black Knight.

After the knights enter the land, they have their first encounter with a huge lizard or, what we know today as a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The knights find a cave where they take shelter in the night. In the morning, Sir Hector finds a book called, “Terrible Lizards.”

Sir Hector really wants to read the book, but Sir Bors does not. All the knights have a huge argument, causing each to go their own way. Because of this they find out they need each other if they are to conquer the lizards.

I liked this book because it is very funny. It was action packed and full of adventure too. The pictures are amazing. It is the perfect book for those who like knights and graphic novels.