"Just Add Glitter"

If you’ve got a girly-girl on your Christmas list, you’ll score big time with “Just Add Glitter,” a light-hearted book by Angela DiTerlizzi that celebrates the merits of glitter — oodles and buckets of it.

The fun begins with a sing-songy rhyme, “Bored, ignored or feeling down? Need some fancy in your town? Want some shine upon your crown?”

The questions launch a quick fix for the blues, a package sitting on the little girl’s doorstep, tied up with a bright bow. The glum child opens the box and discovers bottles of glitter in glitzy green, enough to brighten her brontosaurus, shine up her shark doodle and decorate a crown fit for a queen.

“A little here, a little there. Glitter, glitter anywhere!”

After bedazzling her kitchen, the now-cheerful girl looks into her boring, colorless bedroom, a plan evident in her eyes. With a page turn she joyously casts color about in shades of shocking pink and green, walls and furniture, even getting a splatter on her cat, an accomplice in the kaleidoscope conversion.

All good things must come to an end and it isn’t long until the girl and kitty see they’ve taken their glitter rampage to the extreme; they’ve lost their focus on what’s really important in life.

Exuberant illustrations by Samantha Cotterill include raised swaths where glitter is scattered, providing a delightful tactile experience in an entertaining book with a touch of wisdom at the end.