"Jane Unlimited"

An island mansion. Priceless stolen artwork. Biological weapons. Umbrella making. A humanistic dog. Interdimensional travel. A gala swimming with art thieves and double agents. No story is quite so intricate or unique as Kristin Cashore’s “Jane, Unlimited.”

Before Jane’s eccentric Aunt Magnolia left for her last fatal photography trip, she told her niece “If anyone ever invites you to Tu Reviens, promise me that you’ll go.” Struggling to deal with the loss of her aunt, Jane accepts an invitation from an old friend whose billionaire father owns the infamous mansion.

When she arrives, Jane, the plucky umbrella maker, begins to uncover a host of secrets just days before the household’s massive gala, secrets that reek of art fraud, kidnapping, and dangerous scientific discoveries. As Jane tries to unravel the clues and figure out where she and her Aunt Magnolia fit into the puzzle, she comes to a crossroads. She could go to a number of allies for answers, but they might be pitted against each other. Who does she pursue? What instincts does she follow?

“Jane, Unlimited” demonstrates the power of possibilities and the limitless consequences that can result from a single decision. Cashore expertly blends multiple genres, from mystery to sci-fi, into a story that constantly begs for answers. The book’s artistic layout and structure showcases the brilliance of the storyline in a YA novel literally filled with endless possibilities!