"I Wish It Would Snow"

The old expression, “Be careful what you wish for,” could be the theme of “I Wish it Would Snow,” by Sarah Dillard. The book’s main character is an exuberant bunny that longs for the white stuff, starting back in the fall, when he sits on the forest floor surrounded by piles of red and gold. Raking and playing in the leaves with his birdie buddy does little to appease bunny’s desire. “I need it to snow!” he wails.

As he laments, “Why won’t it…snow” a swirl of white suddenly appears. His wish has come true. “Ohh!” he exclaims joyously—his “Ohh!” quickly flipping to “NO!” when bunny is overwhelmed by a massive whiteout.

The blizzard buries bunny in snowdrifts and encases him in a snowball, until he finds shelter in a comfy cottage where he fixes hot chocolate and falls asleep for the night.

The next morning the bunny’s attitude brightens again realizing what fun he’ll have sledding with his friends, and he does, but that positive about the weather soon turns negative again.

Dillard’s book presents readers with a bunny that epitomizes the human foible many of us have, always wishing for something we think will make us happy. Besides being entertaining for children, there’s a wise theme for adults in “I Wish It Would Snow.”

Preschool to third grade.