"I'm Fun Too!"

Legos have changed in the 60 years since they hit toy shelves, but kids’ passion for the bricks remains strong. Celebrate Legos with “I’m Fun, Too!” a picture book any beloved blockhead will adore.

Using a simple, old-school Lego figure, author Jonathan Fenske relates the tale of how the bricks’ evolution affects a block figure who’s only claim to fame is having removeable hair and clamps for hands.

“It is no fun being NO FUN,” the brunette boy-toy announces on the first page: “NEW guys,” have “FANCY HAIR, and FANCY CLOTHES and FANCY FACES.” To prove his point, illustrations show modern-day Legos in all their glory, punk rocking and sword waving. On the following spread, sits ordinary Joe Lego, lamenting as he leans against a wall, “I’m NO fun. NOBODY wants to play with ME.”

In years past, Legos didn’t have feelings either, the vintage Lego quips. Illustrations prove this comment factual, four old fashioned Lego faces labeled “sad, mad, scared, and serious,” but each face wearing the same contented smile.

The differences between old and new-school continue as the original Lego’s angst grows, the comparisons showcasing how far the new toys have come – but have they? By the end of “I’m Fun Too,” the vintage plaything realizes he has some talents newfangled Legos don’t possess in a picture book that’s a true gift to young readers.