"I'll Be Your Blue Sky"

“I’ll Be Your Blue Sky,” recently released in paperback, is a novel about love – family love, romantic love, the love of strangers and the love of good friends. It is also a story of domestic abuse, deep secrets, sacrifice and courage.

The book begins with Clare Hobbes set to marry Zach Tremain. Clare and Zach have been together for a year and he adores her. As the wedding day approaches, Clare tries to focus on the good things about Zach. Instead she keeps thinking about his negative qualities, his quick temper, his tendency to drink too much and his possessiveness.

The morning of the wedding Clare is so jittery that she leaves the hotel and takes a walk in the park. There she meets an elderly woman, Edith Herron, who tells her that she deserves to be happy, that she shouldn’t be afraid of Zach. That a husband should be your happy place, your blue sky home, not someone to fear. The conversation convinces Clare to follow her heart and cancel the wedding. Zach is upset but is convinced that Clare just needs more time and will change her mind.

Three weeks later Edith dies and surprises Clare by willing her old house on the Delaware shore to her. Clare is puzzled, and wonders why. Needing to get away from Zach and her recent turmoil, Clare heads to Delaware to see the house. As she explores it, she is intrigued by the photographs, and finds two ledgers of names and dates.

Clare sets out on a quest to learn as much about Edith and her house as she can, assisted by her first boyfriend and Clare’s best friend. The chapters alternate between present day Clare, and her discoveries, and the life of Edith during the 1940s and 50s. It isn’t until the end of the story that you learn the truth about Edith and her connection to Clare.

I really enjoyed this book and loved all of its twists and turns. I also enjoyed the characters; they seemed so realistic, so much so that I found myself cheering them on. I also liked that De Los Santos neatly tied up all the loose ends, answering all of my questions.

I didn’t realize that this is De Los Santos’ third book with these same characters because the novel reads so well as a standalone. I just might have to read her previous two titles.