"Front Desk"

Mia Tang and her family came to America from China in the book “Front Desk,” by Kelly Yang. They are very poor, so when a man named Mr. Yao posts a job for working in a hotel, they are the first to take it.

Mr. Yao says, “for every customer you check in, you will get five dollars.” Mia’s mom and dad think that is great. Mr. Yao also says they can stay in a room for free. Mia’s parents take the job.

Her parents decide they will clean the rooms and Mia decides she will take the front desk. While she is checking in customers, a man walks in and says his name is Hank and he is a weekly. Hank explains a weekly is a person who lives at the hotel and pays by the week. There are five of them at the hotel.

Mia’s mom tells Mia that she is going to sign her up for school. At school, they meet the principal. Mia’s mom tells the principal they are from China. She tells Mia’s mom there is another Chinese child in her class.

On the first day of school, Mia meets a girl named Guadalupe, or Lupe for short. They become best friends. The other Chinese boy is named Jason, Mr. Yao’s son. Mia and Jason quarrel a lot.

A dramatic turn of events forces Mr. Yao to sell his hotel. Will the Tangs buy it? If so, how will they get the money? This book is amazing! I liked it a lot because of Mia’s hard work, kindness and courage.