Four Weeks, Five People

“Four Weeks, Five People,” by Jennifer Yu, is a realistic young adult book about five teenagers at a therapy camp. Stella has severe depression. Andrew has anorexia. Clarissa has OCD and anxiety. Mason has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Ben has a Depersonalization Disorder.

These teens head to camp for different reasons, but end up crossing paths when they are all in the same small group. The kids will go through many activities and struggles in hopes of recovering.

I felt like the beginning of this book started off fantastic. Each teen got to show themselves and their personalities. Sadly after the first half of the book, it started to all mix together and you got to see less of each character’s personality.

The author did an okay job of writing about a difficult topic that’s hard to understand, so I credit Yu with tackling it.

Overall, “Four Weeks, Five People” is eye opening, and mostly good because of its interesting and realistic portrayals of young people battling disorders.