"Fortune's Magic Farm"

“Fortune’s Magic Farm,” by Suzanne Selfors, is a very good read if you are interested in magic and love. As a baby, Isabelle was left on the doorstep of Mama Lulu’s boardinghouse. Grandma (not Isabelle’s real grandmother) finds her and takes care of her.

Now Isabelle is 10-years-old. They live in a place called Runny Cove where it is always rainy and cold. Everyone who lives there is sick and unhappy. Isabelle’s grandma becomes too old to work her factory job, so Isabelle takes her spot. At the factory she meets and works with her two best friends.

One day, a mysterious person comes to Isabelle and introduces himself as Sage. He asks her if she would like to go to Fortune’s Farm, a place filled with love, warmth, happiness, and magic! She jumps at the chance to leave Runny Cove.

At the farm, Isabelle finds long lost family, loyal friends, and a pet marmot named Rocky. Also, she finds magic! There are delicious fruits that cure any sickness and plants that make her float. But, when her grandfather accuses her of things she didn’t do, Isabelle gets the feeling that she is unwanted.

Split between two completely different worlds, Isabelle must make the choice that could affect all the lives around her. If she stays at Fortune’s Farm she would be with her family and Rocky, but her Grandma and friends would be very sick. If she leaves, then the secret of magic would be revealed but everyone in Runny Cove would be happy and healthy.

I liked “Fortune’s Magic Farm” because it was very funny and cute. The characters had unusual clever names. Isabelle was very strong and stood by the choices she made. This is a great book for long car trips or to enjoy in spare reading time.