Fairy's First Day of School

In the company of a curly-topped sprite, imagination blends with what-to-expect-facts in “Fairy’s First Day of School,” a helpful honey of a read by Bridget Heos.

With a wake-up call from a ladybug, a fairy is roused from her petal bed, her life in academia unfolding like a flower. After her mom serves her a cup of tea in an acorn-topped teapot, the sprite and other fairies will ride to school on the back of a goose, unless they opt to fly there with their families.

The fairy learns that once at the school, “a nice teacher will greet you with a sprinkling of fairy dust…show you where to hang your backpack.”

Every aspect of a child or fairy’s first day is displayed in this charmer, from meeting new friends, to better understanding school activities – circle time, show-and-tell – as well as tips on mastering proper classroom behavior.

“Fairy’s First Day of School,” is an entertaining way to ready students for an all-important milestone in their lives. Colorful, whimsical illustrations by Sara Not add to this book’s appeal. Kids will pore over its pages, noting all the tiny special details that make fairy world so magical. Ages 4-7.