"Eden Conquered"

“Eden Conquered,” by Joelle Charbonneau, is an amazing sequel to the popular young adult “Dividing Eden” series, leaving you wishing for more. Darkness is descending upon Eden, and only Carys or Andreus can stop it; the whole book is a race to see which one of them will succeed.

As Carys becomes accustomed to her life on the run, Prince Andreus has his own troubles finding control within the palace walls. The Council of Elders constantly tries to find ways to dethrone him, sometimes putting Andreus’ own life on the line to accomplish their dark agenda.

With the help of Guardsman Graylem and sweet, little Max, Andreus must uncover his own assassination plot. As the winds slowly start to die down with the supposed “death” of Carys, more of the people of Eden decide to honor Carys instead of Andreus who must not only defend his throne from underhanded Councilmen, but the public as well.

Princess Carys is thought to be dead, but only a few know the real truth; that Carys is alive and well, on a path to take the crown from Andreus. As Carys finally overcomes her Tears of Midnight addiction, the wind powers inside her grow stronger with every day. At times, her powers lash out uncontrollably, doing harm to innocents. As she tries to control the power, she must face the reason why the wind won’t listen to her, and look into her heart for the answer.

Travelling with Larkin, Errik, and Garret, having trouble trusting the latter, Carys must make decisions against her heart, and face the betrayal that she should have foreseen. Carys realizes she must go back to Eden, face the Xhelozi, and bring back the wind.

The Balance of Virtue is tilted, leading the Xhelozi to brave the daylight and travel further than they ever have before. Fit with fantastic fighting scenes, brother and sister must fight to save their kingdom and uncover the hidden truths from the past. The only question Carys and Andreus can ask is who will reach Eden first, the Xhelozi or the Bastians?

I thought this book was more well written than the first, though some scenes still seemed a little underdeveloped. Overall, I really liked this book, with an ending I was not expecting. I held my breath over the last few chapters, and was satisfied by the end. I recommend this book for any fans of “ Dividing Eden.” It definitely provides the end everyone’s been waiting for.