“Domina” is the second book in a trilogy by L.S. Hilton. In the first book, “Maestra,” readers meet Judith Rashliegh, a junior art expert who works at an auction house. Judith is fired when she discovers fraud at the auction house. Several of the characters from “Maestra” return in “Domina.”

“Domina” begins with Judith’s move to Venice where she has changed her identity and opened up her own art gallery. Judith is now known as Elisabeth Teerlinc. She has the life she has always wanted – a sizeable paycheck, a beautiful wardrobe and a life of luxury. In this psychological thriller, Judith/Elisabeth travels from Venice to St. Moritz and Serbia.

Judith/Elisabeth is enjoying her life until she is asked to find a priceless painting that she doesn’t even think exists. Judith has no choice; it is a matter of life or death. Judith isn’t the one in control, which she is not used to. She is facing an enemy that is powerful and ruthless and if she doesn’t succeed she will die.

I think I would have had an easier time following the plot in “Domina” if I had read “Maestra.” It would have been helpful to be more familiar with Judith’s past as it catches up with her in this second book.

If you like psychological thrillers full of sex, murder and art that leave you hanging you will enjoy this novel and be anxious to start the third installment.