"Defy the Worlds"

“Defy the Worlds,” by Claudia Gray, is an excellent addition to the “Defy the Stars” series. As a fan of the first novel, “Defy the Stars,” I was excited to get my hands on the second book. It returns to the fantastical future world of Abel and Noemi, where Genesis is still fighting for its freedom from earth, as Abel and Noemi fight their way to recover from the heartbreak of being separated.

Noemi is back on Genesis, having to deal with the repercussions of falling in love with an enemy soldier, along the loss of respect this has brought on from others. When Earth drops odd shaped projectiles in Genesis, no one seems to really know what to think, until everyone seems to be getting a vicious disease; one of its symptoms resulting in white veins. Only Noemi seems to know this mysterious disease is cobweb. Soon, Noemi sets out to find a solution, but as soon as she leaves Genesis’ gate she’s captured by Burton Mansfield.

Meanwhile, Abel has become a part of the Vagabonds, jumping from world to world as it pleases him, along with his ragtag crew. They make ends meet by engaging in petty thefts and selling their goods on the black market. When Abel learns of Noemi’s kidnapping, he knows he must do everything in his power to save the girl he loves, even if that means giving up his own life.

Abel’s search for Noemi not only leads him to her, but to a world Earth had kept hidden from the rest of the galaxy for some years, hoarding it for themselves so they can eventually inhabit it. More problems and situations crop up causing the pair angst.

Admittedly, some parts of “Defy the Worlds” seem a bit rushed and underdeveloped, but this was only a slight problem, and I loved the book anyway. It’s an amazing novel with a cliffhanger that left my mouth hanging open.

Get ready to mark the date for the release of the next book because this series sucks you in from start to finish. I definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to see Abel and Noemi’s story continued; my only warning: be ready for a cliffhanger!