"Creepy Pair of Underwear"

Unique undies in eerie green terrorize Jasper the bunny in “Creepy Pair of Underwear!” by Aaron Reynolds, illustrated with zany pictures by Peter Brown.

The trouble begins when Jasper’s mom takes him to the store for some “Plain White” undies. As luck would have it the bunny spots another pair, horrific originals, “so creepy,” and “so comfy,” with a monster’s mug on the front.

Jasper just has to have them, even though his wise mother warns they might be a tad too terrifying. “I’m a big rabbit now!” Jasper counters.

As soon as Jasper gets home he slips on the underwear. When his dad comes to kiss him goodnight he asks his son if he wants the hallway light left on. “I’m a big rabbit now!” Jasper repeats.

But not big or brave enough to fight off his fears when Jasper’s underwear starts glowing under the covers! What’s a bunny to do but stuff them in the bottom of the laundry hamper? Alas, when Jasper awakes in the morning, his bum is clad in the underwear again.

Horrified, Jasper exits the house determined to rid himself of the creepy undergarment, that glows green in the trash can, and materializes no matter how hard he tries to send them packing.

This clever story is sure to delight children in preschool-3rd grade. It’s a marvelous collabration by the team who wrote and illustrated “Creepy Carrots.” After veggies and underwear, one wonders what caper Reynolds and Brown will come up with next.