"Coming Home"

This book will grab hold of you and keep you reading all through the day. “Coming Home,” by Rosamunde Pilcher, invites you to cozy up with a cup of tea and spend the day reading. Its realistic characters are easy to relate to.

The story begins with its introduction to 14-year-old Judith Dunbar and is narrated by her, telling about her life experiences. It is set in Cornwall, England in 1935. Judith’s mother and baby sister, Jess, have left Cornwell to rejoin her father in Columbo before their move to Singapore.

Judith has been dropped off at St. Ursula’s, a private British boarding school. This separation from her family stretches into many years. It is while at St. Ursula’s that Judith strikes up a life-long friendship with the affluent Loveday Carey-Lewis.

Judith’s life changes dramatically as she begins spending weekends with the Carey-Lewis family. Judith has her own room and is treated as family as are the many visitors that rotate through the Carey-Lewis doors. Exposed to their affluent lifestyle, Judith learns the value of family and of friendship.

As you follow these endearing characters, they take you through the days preceding, during and after World War II. As a result, you relive the trauma of the war through the lives of these ordinary people. You see Judith grow up, fall in love, deal with death and sadness, and learn how to be courageous.

“Coming Home” is a poetic and romantic story that has triumphs, tragedies, love, death, sorrow and joy. The characters will stay with you long after you put the book down. I highly recommend this read.