"Click Clack Moo I LOVE YOU!"

There’s glitter galore on the farm, and lots of laughs too in another rousing tale from the team of Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin. This one launches just in time for Valentine’s Day, “Click, Clak, Moo I LOVE YOU.”

Farmer Brown is back again, up to his ears taking care of his animals before he spruces up the farm for a Valentine’s Dance. He looks harried as he runs himself ragged, shovel, hammer and pitchfork in hand, while little duck has all the fun, making decorations dripping with pink and red.

“When Little Duck was finished, there was paint on her face, glitter in her wings, and a valentine for everyone!”—a festive page sure to draw rave reviews from the junior set.

That night the chickens get to the party first, carrying a casserole – next come the pigs, bearing bowls of chips and salsa, and finally the “sheep arrived fashionably late.” As each guest is greeted by Little Duck, they are given a valentine. Unfortunately, the cows missed out because they had a previous engagement.

You can see it’s going to be a stupendous celebration in the barn, but wait, on a nearby hill an unwanted animal gets wind of the party—Little Fox, a sneaky Pete that could spell trouble and spoil the celebration. Naturally, when Little Fox appears he nearly scares the tails off the farm entourage, until Little Duck saves the day in a cute story that proves love conquers all. Ages 4-8.

"Click, Clack Moo I LOVE YOU, can be purchased at Neighborhood Reads in Downtown Washington.