Reviewed by Stephanie Monzyk

“Bridget Jones’s Baby: The Diaries” is Helen Fielding’s hilarious fourth installment into the drama that is the life of Bridget Jones.

With her family and friends making Bridget very aware that she isn’t getting any younger, and her biological clock loudly ticking away her childbearing years, she has resigned herself to life as a childless Singleton.

A one-night stand and subsequent rejection by Mark Darcy, the man she almost married once upon a time, drives her, intoxicated, into the arms (and bed) of Mark’s longtime rival, the charming and fabulous Daniel Cleaver. This launches Bridget on a dramatic adventure she was sure she would never find herself on.

Written as excerpts from her diary, Bridget chronicles her chaotic pregnancy. Birthing classes, morning sickness, and pregnancy brain are just the beginning – nothing in her life thus far has prepared her for this.

From the ever present question of paternity, to her struggle to find the niche she belongs in among her two groups of friends (too single to fit in with her Smug Married mom friends, too maternal to party with her Singleton group), from the potential embarrassment her scandalous, impending motherhood could bring to her family when the Queen comes to visit their town, to the strain pregnancy puts on her career and relationship with both potential fathers: there is never a dull moment for the mom-to-be!

In true Bridget Jones style, Fielding leaves the reader laughing on nearly every page while rooting on our protagonist throughout her pregnancy and dying to finally know: Who is the father of Bridget’s baby?