"Breaking Bailey"

“Breaking Bailey”, an anonymously written young adult book, pulls you in from page one and leaves you not only questioning the characters actions and morals, but also your own as teen Bailey attempts to move on from her mother's sudden death, makes new relationships, and becomes a manufacturer in a meth cartel.

Shortly after her mother’s death, Bailey’s father and stepmother send Bailey, a young and bright chemistry student to Prescott Academy, a prestigious boarding school. Being the new kid at school further complicates life for Bailey, who’s trying to overcome personal obstacles.

Bailey is lonely until she’s approached by the school’s most exclusive group, the Science Club. Its members, Katy, Warren, and Drew are intrigued by her chemistry skills and ask if she would come to a meeting—but it is not merely a meeting—they want to propose that Bailey start manufacturing meth with them for profit.

The book spirals. Bailey finds herself questioning her purpose and love for chemistry, along with many other things. Her own addiction develops and she doesn't know how to handle her new workload and new life.

Throughout the book, Bailey finds herself in an abusive relationship with fellow manufacturer, Warren. Being abused emotionally and physically takes an overall toll on Bailey and destroys her self-image.

“Breaking Bailey” not only tackles abusive relationships and drug addiction but also is the story of a girl completely lost without her mother. Bailey constantly struggles with feeling like she’s good enough for her new friends and smart enough for her prestigious school. With obstacles thrown at her each day, Bailey has trouble handling everything without breaking.

Through diary entries, Bailey tells her story of loss and grief. “Breaking Bailey” will keep any reader entranced and on the edge of their seat to find out how Bailey will overcome her problems. Though sometimes all I wanted to do as a reader was tell Bailey to stop, I still found myself cheering her on to do the right thing. This heart-wrenching story will not only break Bailey but readers too. This isn’t a light read, but I’d recommend it to everyone because the topics are so real and relevant in today's society.