"Borrowing Bunnies"

“Borrowing Bunnies, A Surprising True Tale of Fostering Rabbits” is a standout nonfiction book about a subject many children might not be familiar with, or their parents either. Author Cynthia Lord narrates this charmer, explaining how she fosters bunnies, provides them with a safe, nurturing home readying them for adoption.

Lord was happy to foster two neglected Netherland Dwarf bunnies, Benjamin and Peggotty. Engaging photos by John Bald, and cute illustrations by Hazel Mitchell, show the newbies adjusting to their environment, and bonding with Blueberry and Muffin, bunnies that already lived with Lord.

Imagine the foster mom’s surprise the day she noticed Peggotty, the new girl bunny, filling “her little house with fur and fleece from the bottom of her pen.” You guessed it — nestled in the warm spot “ . . . fur wiggled.” The four tiny newborns looked like “miniature hippos,” Lord writes.

Sadly two of the baby bunnies didn’t live for very long, but Fezzi and Dodger did; they grew quickly, learning the ins and outs of hopping, climbing and cuddling with toys. They also adjusted to noises around the home. Soon it was time for the bunnies to be offered for adoption.

Peggotty, Fezzi and Dodger all went to good homes, leaving lone bunny Benjamin behind. I’m sure you can guess where he ended up — Lord couldn’t cut the cord and is hosting Benjamin “for keeps.” Ages 3 to 6.