"Blood Sisters"

"Blood Sisters," by bestselling author Jane Corry, is a must read for 2018. It’s the story of a relationship between two half sisters and the tragic accident that changes their lives forever.

Alison is four years older than her half-sister Kitty. Alison never knew who her father was. Her mother remarried, Kitty was born, and the child soon becomes the apple of her daddy’s eye. Kitty is spoiled and resentful of the attention her mom gives Alison, but Alison only feels love for her sister. Kitty prefers the company of her best friend, Vanessa.

The action ramps up with Alison goes to a party at Crispin’s, the most popular boy in school. Kitty and Vanessa both have crushes on him and also want to attend the party but are told they were too young. At the party, Crispin rapes Alison.

Feeling shame and blaming herself for the attack, Alison doesn’t tell anyone about it. This was only the beginning of the unraveling of Alison's life.

Later, Alison and Kitty miss the bus to school and start off on foot. Along the way, they encounter Vanessa and an argument starts. Words are exchanged and pushing ensues, resulting in Kitty and Vanessa ending up on the street.

A speeding car comes around the corner and the girls are hit. Vanessa is killed, Kitty is seriously injured but Alison isn’t hurt. Because of Kitty’s head trauma she can no longer speak and is forced to reside in an institution.

No one realizes that although Kitty can’t speak she understands what others are saying but simply can’t respond. Alison has moved on in her life but carries a big secret with her. She is the only one who truly knows the events of the tragic day.

As the story continues, readers learn details about the event and how the lives of so many have been affected. “Blood Sisters” keeps you in suspense until the final pages.