"Big Foot and Little Foot"

Kids have a fascination with creatures — a clever new series for 6- to 9-year olds features a honey, a huge, furry guy with a big heart. Meet Hugo the Sasquatch, the star of “Big Foot and Little Foot,” by Ellen Potter.

Hugo lives in a cavern in the Big Woods with his parents and big sister Winnie. His cave apartment will have great appeal to children because it has a stream running through Hugo’s room, a brook that leads to an adventure with a little boy named Boone.

Now everyone knows Sasquatches don’t mix well with humans, but in Hugo and Boone’s case, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The two get to know one another when Hugo, longing for excitement, launches a toy boat on the stream in his room. Imagine his surprise when the boat comes back with a toy inside, a model of a little boy.

So begins an exchange between Hugo and Boone that leads to their eventual meeting. Along the way, readers are introduced to all aspects of the Sasquatches’ lives, interactions with friends, typical school days, family life and a festival where the book wraps up with a sweet end that will have readers clamoring for more.

“Big Foot and Little Foot” is big fun, entertains with no potty humor or gross jokes; instead it’s filled with creative lingo certain to prompt giggles.