"Big Book for Small Children"

A throwback to yesteryear, Silvia Long’s “Big Book for Small Children” presents well-known children’s poetry, stories, and items and animals kids can identify while lap-sitting with gran and gramps. There also are several recipes for cooking together.

This cheery compilation is all-inclusive; it includes pages on clothing, colors, numbers, the alphabet, vehicles, fruits and veggies at the market — you name it, Long has it covered.

An especially pretty spread features 18 different flowers, among them zinnias, petunias, daffodils and tulips, a bright yellow one, striped with red, the subject of a poem. Garden plantings include veggie rows of hearty tomatoes, lettuce, kale, sweet peas, beans and the like.

Throughout the book, “I Can” pages offer cute animals dressed in people clothing doing everyday things, eating breakfast, washing their face, brushing teeth, getting dressed. “Sometimes I Feel” pages show animals in the throes of varying emotions.

“Big Book for Small Children” is another Long classic in the making, an all-in-one treasury children will reach for again and again.

For ages 2-4.