"Aru Shah and the End of Time"

For all of you Percy Jackson fans out there, check out Roshani Chokshi’s book based on Hindu mythology, “Aru Shah and the End of Time.” It is an interesting read.

This book is aobut a girl named Aru. She and her mom live at the Museum of Ancient Indian Art and Culture in Atlanta, Georgia. Aru has quite the imagination. She often tells lies to her classmates, and when three of them come to prove that she is lying, she is forced to light the cursed lamp that supposedly has a demon trapped inside. She does light the lamp and unleash a demon. Her family and the students are frozen in time, and Aru doesn’t know how to unfreeze them.

Suddenly a pigeon, named Subala, appears in front of her. Boo, short for Subala, explains how the demon, known as The Sleeper, is going to end time and how Aru is a Pandava, one of the five siblings prophesied to stop the demon. Her sister Mini also has the power, so Aru, Mini and Boo head to the Otherworld to be “claimed” by a god.

They arrive in the Otherworld and meet a few of the minor gods. Aru is claimed by Indra, the god of the heavens, and Mini is claimed by Dharma Raja, the god of death. They are given magical items by the gods and eventually are sent to the Kingdom of Death for other objects of importance.

To find out what challenges Aru, Mini, and Boo face, read “Aru Shah and the End of Time.” Since I love Percy Jackson books and find different cultures’ mythology interesting, this book fit what I was looking for. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.