"An Unexplained Death"

While walking her dog one morning, Mikita Brottman sees a poster for a missing man named Rey Rivera. She begins to wonder about this handsome smiling man in the photo and his life…. What happened to him?

Carefully following the case, Brottman learns that Rivera’s body was found in the Belvedere Hotel, where she resides. With minimal investigation, the death was ruled a suicide. But there are so many details that just don’t add up. Brottman spends the next 10 years investigating this case personally, and writes about the investigation in “An Unexplained Death.”

Along the way, Brottman not only learns about this case, she learns about a very dark history at the Belvedere Hotel, which has seen a fair number of suicides. She writes about the circumstances of each, offering background information pertinent to the historical context. She is able to weave the Rivera mystery and the Belvedere history seamlessly.

If you are interested in true crime and enjoy shows such as “Dateline” or "48 Hours,” this book would be a good fit for you. If you are a fan of history, this would be a good fit, as well.