"Alter Ego"

Today we welcome reviewer Jennifer Wirthwein to MO Books Blog. She is a middle school language arts teacher and a freelance writer. Her hobbies include cooking, playing piano, and reading. Her favorite genres include true crime, horror, mystery, and realistic fiction. She enjoys spending time with her daughter and pets.

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Homicide detective Jonathan Stride is haunted by two words, “Save me.” For three women, he was too late. For the fourth….

He found Lori Fulkerson in an unimaginable hell. Now, several years later, a film crew is in Stride’s hometown of Duluth, creating a movie about the serial killer’s spree. The small Minnesota town is abuzz with the arrival of mega movie star Dean Casperson.

In the midst of the filming excitement, a John Doe has died in an automobile accident. Although he has no valid ID, he does have a firearm that has recently been fired. Stride and his partner, Maggie Bei, begin to unravel a series of murder cases and recent disappearances of young women. John Doe’s gun is connected with a murder in Malibu, Florida. John Doe has been linked to several recent events with the missing girls. Who is he? Who is he working for? Why are these young ladies the target?

A missing intern from the film crew with a secret identity leads the police to suspect Casperson’s involvement. Amidst glamorous parties with Hollywood A-listers, Stride’s family discovers an even darker side to Casperson and his associates. There are many cases intricately woven together in spell-binding detail.

If you are a fan of shows like “Criminal Minds,” then this is the perfect book for you! Freeman has a very powerful writing style and the plot moves quickly. When I finished this book, I found out it was the ninth in a series about Detective Stride. I have not read any of those books, and yet this book made perfect sense as a stand-alone novel. Murder mystery fans—this is a must read!