"A Reaper at the Gates"

“A Reaper at the Gates,” by Sabaa Tahir, is a painstakingly wrought, action-filled addition to “An Ember in the Ashes” series. This book shook my foundations, with enough action to keep me reading non-stop.

Elias Veturius is the Soul Catcher, tasked with moving the ghosts of this world onto the next, but he doesn’t truly know how to do the job. As Sheava, the current Soul Catcher, tries to pass her knowledge onto Elias, dark forces constantly try to undermine them.

Elias not only fights the demons in the world, but also the demons of his mind. The magic of the Waiting Place, Mauth, wants Elias to give up his humanity and forget those he loves to become a true Soul Catcher.

Meanwhile, Laia of Serra has just gotten her brother back, but he is not the brother she once knew. Darrin refuses to make Serric steel, keeping himself and his sister in constant danger, people only wanting the knowledge of the blades. Plagued by the truth of the future of the world, and the death of it, Laia seeks the only answer she can find: taking down the Nightbringer.

Helene Aquilla, the new Blood Shrike, is under the control of Marcus, the new Emperor, while Marcus is under the control of Zacharias, the brother he killed. Helene has to watch her back at all times, the Commandant waiting for one wrong move to bring her and Marcus down.

After the death of her family at the hands of the Commandant, Helene doesn’t know what to do when Marcus orders her to kill the Commandant. As Helene struggles within herself, the Commandant wastes no time getting down to business. All the while the Nightbringer plays his own game adding ever more tension to this fast-paced story.

This book was so good! Tahir’s “Ember in the Ashes” series is fantastic, and this addition will shake readers to their core. The secrets that come out, along with the action and heart-wrenching chapters make this book a must-read. I really hope Tahir plans another book in the series because the cliffhanger at the conclusion is brutal. Tahir is a fantastic, brilliant author with truly wonderful books.