"A Cold Day in the Sun"

“A Cold Day in the Sun,” by Sara Biren, is a young adult romance that takes place in present time. It’s set in a small town in Minnesota and focuses on hockey, and the relationship between two players.

Holland Deviss is a junior in high school. She has grown up in a hockey family. Her father lead his high school team to state, where they won their division. All of her brothers are into hockey, as is Holland. She plays on the high school boys' varsity team.

“Hot Sauce” Wes is the team captain and doesn’t go easy on Holland. He knows she is good and always pushes her to be better. This make Holland think that he hates her. Deep down Wes likes her a lot. But Holland has a rule, no dating teammates.

One day at school the two have an interaction in the cafeteria that upends Holland—she’s taken back because she feels attracted to Wes. He wants to date Holland but she wants to stick to her rule, and the last thing she wants is for others to think she’s getting preferential treatment because she’s dating Wes. Holland wants to make sure she can be the best player she can be and show people that it doesn’t matter if a girl is on the guys' team.

Though Holland is cautious, Wes slowly makes his way into her heart, launching her onto a journey she’s never been on before. She wants to keep their relationship a secret, but is that the right thing to do?

Holland also has to be impartial because she’s writing an article for the newspaper about hockey, plus she has an interview coming up if the team makes it to the state competition. Will a relationship with Wes just add more pressure for her to deal with?

Holland is a character I found myself connecting with—the way she wants to make sure she can be the best and constantly feels she has to prove her worth. I also relate to Holland because she works hard at what does but never wants to ask for help. Also Holland has a love for 70s and 80s music and I love music from that era too.

“A Cold Day in the Sun” is a book you will not want to put down. Wes provides everything in a boyfriend that a girl could want. I found myself telling the characters in this book to do certain things because I wanted those things for them so badly. Girls will be able to relate to this novel because it’s so teen-centered—it’s a believable love story with an engaging plot.