"Landline" by Rainbow Rowell

An encroaching work deadline and meeting in Los Angeles, force television writer Georgie McCool to miss Christmas with her family—a planned plane trip to Nebraska to visit her husband Neal’s mother.

So begins “Landline” by Rainbow Rowell, an addictive audio book that hooks you from the get-go about the stresses a couple undergoes when the female counterpoint in a marriage focuses on her career, to the detriment of her stay-at-home husband and two young daughters.

“You can’t miss this meeting,” Neal says. “The kids can have Christmas with you when we get back.” What an understanding husband—Georgie loves Neal but perhaps takes this man she’s been married to for 14 years, for granted.

When her mobile phone goes dead, when she’s visiting her highly neurotic mother, Georgie calls Neal in Nebraska on an old yellow landline phone they used to talk on when they were dating. He answers in quite an unusual way, like the Neal of old, prior to marriage and children. Conversations offer flashbacks to their relationship and hints about what went wrong along the way.

Hook up with “Landline,” a light, time travel romance with a message.