“Seraphina,” is set in the kingdom of Goredd, a land where humans and dragons have lived in an uneasy peace for the past 40 years. However, with the fast approach of the treaty's anniversary, and the murder of a member of the royal family, the tension between humans and dragons only gets worse.

Seraphina must team up with the head of the Queen's Guard, Prince Lucian Kiggs, to discover the identity of the murderer, and stop them from killing again. While they begin to uncover a plan to ruin the peace and plunge humans and dragons into another war, Seraphina fights to keep a secret of her own, one that, if revealed, could mean her death.

Author Rachel Hartman creates a whole new world with fascinating characters and a beautiful setting. She puts an interesting twist on dragons, allowing them to take human form, giving them higher intelligence, and taking away emotions, for the most part.

Readers will fall in love with Seraphina's intellect, her talent, her wit, and her resourcefulness. I found this fantasy to be a nice break from all the dystopian novels floating around. It was compelling, intriguing and all around great! Any fantasy fan will love this book. The story will leave readers anxiously awaiting “Seraphina's” sequel, “Shadow Scale,” which will be published in 2015.