"Beasts Made of Night"

If you like fantasy and magic, “Beasts Made of Night,” by Tochi Onyebuchi, should be on your reading list. This book has plenty of plot twists to keep you wanting more.

In the city of Kos, there are many sections, or dahia. Mages travel throughout the areas of Kos to find aki, who hunt sins and eat them. The sins appear on their bodies, as if they are tattoos. Once the aki have no skin left for these “tattoos,” they die. Taj, a 17-year-old boy is considered to be the most talented aki by many mages, as well as his fellow aki.

At a restaurant, Taj meets a female mage, Aliya. She asks lots of questions about what it is like to be an aki. A few days later Bo, Taj’s friend, is called to the Palace to eat King Kolade’s sin. Taj decides to tag along. Izu, the mage that called on Bo, brings the sin out of King Kolade, but Bo is almost eaten by Kolade’s sin. Taj steps in and commands the beast to stop, and it does. He then kills the sin-beast.

Izu pays Taj and Bo enough money to eat for months. As they are leaving the palace, the king commands the guards to arrest them. Bo is caught, but Taj escapes. He is eventually caught and knocked out. Taj wakes up in a room fit for royalty. Izu walks in and tells him that the king wants to make him his own personal aki. Taj accepts and is given a room in the Palace and a guard/servant named Arzu.

Taj stays at the Palace for a while, but eventually Izu sends him to an aki training camp to begin training the future aki. Aliya is at the camp too. While at the camp, Aliya and other mages ask for Taj’s help to kidnap the king. To find out why and whether or not it goes as planned, read Beasts Made of Night.

Beasts Made of Night was one of my favorite books to read and review. One of the parts I really enjoyed was when Taj killed King Kolade’s sin-beast, a dragon. As Taj was going in for the kill, even though he was calm and focused, I felt the excitement and tension.