"One More Thing," by B.J. Novak

Spirit Need a Lift? Give This Book a Try

B. J. Novak is a Harvard graduate who went on to become an actor, director, producer and standup comedian. This book is his first published story collection. Some of the stories read like comedy monologues, really GOOD comedy monologues. For example, what if Elvis didn't really die in 1977? What if he faked his death so that the image of his older self wouldn't overshadow the more attractive image of his younger self? Or what would happen if the tortoise and the hare had a rematch?

The over sixty stories in the collection vary in length from twenty pages to three lines.

Romance, Chapter One

"The cute one?'

"No, the other cute one."

"Oh, she's cute, too."

Don't get the wrong idea. You might think that an actor has bought his way into the book-publishing world, but Novak has real writing talent. Read this description of the General Mills building in Battle Creek, Michigan. ‘...(it) looks like a spaceship built to look like a pyramid that was then hastily converted into a public library during a period of intergalactic peace.’

I came upon this book after reading some heavy nonfiction and it was just the spirit-lifter I needed. Novak's galloping, and often irreverent, imagination is good for more than one laugh.