"The Garden of Burning Sand"

Justice in Southern Africa

How do you prove a charge of rape against the son of a prominent family when the victim has Down Syndrome and is the fifteen-year-old daughter of a prostitute? In America, we would use a DNA test but that test is considered an invasion of privacy in Zambia, the setting of "The Garden of Burning Sand."

When Zoe Fleming, an American human rights lawyer, and Joe Kabuta, a police officer, investigate the link between the victim and her assailant, their inquiries take them to Victoria Falls and Johannesburg and put their lives in danger. Zoe's involvement is complicated by an incident in her past and by her father's campaign for the U.S. presidency.

Author Corban Addison deftly spins out his tale by slowly feeding the reader bits of information. His novel is both a page-turner and a cultural education. An attorney himself, Addison says that his "principal objective as a novelist is to write compelling and richly authentic stories about human rights issues in today's globalized context."