Living with agonizing pain was commonplace for Washington author and watercolor artist Mary Byrne Eigel. Born with bi-lateral hip dysplasia, her condition wasn’t diagnosed until she was in her twenties.

Raised in a no-nonsense Irish Catholic family in Chicago, Eigel’s parents didn’t talk about the reason for her impairment, one that caused her to fall down and struggle to stand for long periods, or walk any distance without unrelenting fatigue and discomfort.

Eigel writes of her triumph over pain in her heartfelt memoir, “Silent Courage, My Lifelong Journey Through Pain to Wellness,” just published and available in paperback at Amazon or as an e-book on Kindle.

Readers can expect a one-sitting read that flows, replete with a descriptive and poetic voice, a book that will elicit empathy for the sad times Eigel endured as a child, a girl not able to sit crisscross with the rest of her classmates, a child kept in the dark at a time when many parents lived by a “don’t talk, don’t trust, don’t feel” philosophy.

Of special interest to those seeking answers, and alternative treatment for ongoing pain, “Silent Courage” is one woman’s testament to persistence and faith. Sharing her story took immense courage and is sure to inspire others.

An accomplished artist and part-time teacher at St. Louis Community College-Meramec, Eigel painted the lovely watercolor cover of “Silent Courage.”

Prints of the cover can be purchased with a portion of the sales going to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. For more information about Eigel, visit her website at