"Love Life," By Rob Lowe

"Love Life" by Rob Lowe, is an insightful look at life, family and growing up. His second book, "Love Life" is filled with vignettes ranging from childhood to early days of being a young teen sensation in Hollywood to being a father and husband.

Fans looking for movie-star backstories won't be disappointed as he reminisces here and there on things such as his first foray into the Playboy Mansion to a date with Madonna and a saxophone playing charade for then-President Bill Clinton.

But that's not really the heart of the book. It's Lowe's reflections on life, his dedication to his wife, raising his sons — sending one off to college, and the craft and joy of acting. The book is available in a 7.5 hours audio book format — especially enjoyable listening to Rob Lowe share his own stories as narrator.