"Just One Year"

"Just One Year," is the sequel to "Just One Day," by Gayle Forman. The conclusion of Allyson and Willem's tale is told from Willem's perspective giving the novels a whole new depth of insight and meaning.

The novel jumps right into the action offering the reason for Willem's abandonment of Allyson after their day together, and continues to tell how he perceived the following year. We follow Willem back to his roots and see why he is traveling Europe at such a young age. We also learn how he deals with hardships and his ever-changing way of life.

Transferring its action to India, the book continues the theme of travel and how it helps create new beginnings, just as travel played such a vital role in the first book. Meeting Willem's friends and mother along the way gives us the ability to relate to Willem, just as we related to Allyson and her wants and needs in Forman's first book.

Watching the story unfold through Willem's perspective is just as good, if not better, than Allyson's perspective. Sometimes, authors write a wonderful first story but fall flat in the second installment. However, Forman keeps the emotional ties coming and never allows the reader to get bored with her characters making this another must-read book. It is a heart-warming conclusion to both Allyson and Willem's tale.