Tuesday is Luis’s furry friend, a service dog that assists the disabled veteran in day-to-day life. Children will learn lots about the special bond they share in “Tuesday Tucks Me In,” by Luis Carlos Montalván, author, along with Bret Witter.

Luis was injured in the war; the trauma he experienced left him with post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. Nightmares, day and night, anxiety and panic attacks made Luis a prisoner in his own home.

He began to know new freedom when Tuesday, affectionetly known as Toopie, came to live with him.

Photographs by Dan Dion show the depth of trust and love Luis has for his Golden Retriever and how the feelings are returned as the two go about their daily tasks. The story is told with a light-hand from Tuesday’s point of view.

An endnote offers more facts about service dogs and the helping roles they play. This new picture book is a moving story that children will request, not just on Tuesdays but on other days of the week as well.

“Tuesday Tucks Me In,” is appropriate for children kindergarten—third grade.