Cheaper than a dozen roses, less caloric than a box of chocolates, sure to provide snuggles and smiles. Give a book to mom on her special day. Here are four stellar picks to consider, picture books and a volume chocked full of crafts she can do with the little ones in her life.

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Most moms have read Little Golden Books to their children. Those sweet stories have entertained generations of young readers with characters that are household words. Revisit old friends, and discover their wise ways to live, with “Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book,” by Diane Muldrow.

“Sleepyheads,” by Sandra J. Howatt, is the perfect read-aloud for tuck-in-time. “See the moon! It’s sleep time. Let’s look for little beds and find where little ones lay their sleepy heads.” Adorably soft illustrations by Joyce Wan show baby animals going nighty-night—downy duckling in the cattails, baby bunny in the weeds, otter on the waves, concluding with one darling baby “Asleep in Mama’s arms!”

“Project Kid, 100 Ingenious Crafts for Family Fun” by Amanda Kingloff is a book that keeps on giving, providing fun projects to create together. Oversized photos display the supplies needed, easy to follow numbered steps and pictures of the finished products. Make a yarn birdcage, a pom-pom poodle toy, painted pennant portraits and lots more, all from ordinary household items.

In “Where’s Mommy,” by Beverly Donofrio, teeny Mouse Mouse, and her human friend Maria, suffer separation anxiety as they search for their moms. Mouse Mouse lives in the basement of Maria’s ranch-style abode, but has all the creature comforts Maria and her family share.Children will relish the book’s vintage illustrations by Barbara McClintok, noting the similarities the mouse and the child share on spreads divided horizontally allowing both living quarters to be exposed for examination and comparison. Kids will get a kick out of seeing where the mommies have gotten off to in a book with a treasured old-world feel.