The Spelling Bee Before Recess

Newsbee’s thrilled with the epic reviews that blew into the hive this month. Your bee buddy enjoyed the way many of you included a brief synopsis of the book you reviewed and then added your feelings about the book. You had your thinking caps on. Until next month, “Page On!”

“The Spelling Bee Before Recess,” by Deborah Lee Rose.

Reviewed by Hayden Ley, second grade, St. John the Baptist School.

“I thought this book would be about a person who wins a spelling bee. It’s about a spelling bee at 10:23.

“The characters are Ruby, Cornelius, The Slugger and Mrs. Booker. The Slugger was really good because he memorized word lists. I’m like Cornelius because I’m smart.

“I liked the book because the Slugger didn’t give up. I would recommend this book to my friends and family because it tells how important it is to read.”

Reviewed by Brooke Durbin, second grade, St. John the Baptist School.

“I thought this book would be about a kid in a spelling bee. It was. The kid spelled the word wrong, and somebody yelled there’s always next year!

“I’m like Ruby because I’m a good speller. I like the book because it was a rhyming book. I would recommend it to Hayley so she would know what a spelling bee is like.”

Reviewed by Joseph Zagarri, kindergarten, Beaufort Elementary School.

“I like this book. It was about a boy, Slugger, who liked to play baseball and was also a good speller. One day, the school had a spelling bee and lots of kids spelled lots of hard words. His friend, Ruby, was also a good speller.

“I’m not going to give away the ending of who won, but then bell rang for recess and all the kids went out to play. The message of the story is ‘if you want to succeed, the best thing to do is READ!’

“Other kids will like this book. The last pages even have a spelling bee list, big words that I am learning to read and spell!”

“To Dare Mighty Things: The Life of Theodore Roosevelt,” by Doreen Rappaport.

Reviewed by Molly Prichard, third grade, Robertsville Elementary School.

“This was a good story that helped me learn about Teddy Roosevelt’s life. Roosevelt felt a great admiration for men who were fearless. He had a great desire to be like them. He was told, ‘You have the mind but not the body. You must make your body.’ Roosevelt met the challenge and worked hard to become a strong person.

“He also wanted to go to college and started with a tutor at home. He studied many hours and attended Harvard, where he graduated with honors.

“Roosevelt married Alice Hathaway Lee when he was 20. They had a daughter. Alice died two days later. In his sadness, Teddy left for the Dakota Territory to be alone. He left the baby with his sister. When he returned, he met Edith Carow and remarried. They had five more children.

“Then Teddy Roosevelt became very involved in politics. I don’t think any president enjoyed himself more. He was always seen playing with his kids around the White House. I’d read this book if you like to read biographies.”

Reviewed by Isabelle Zagarri, third grade, Beaufort Elementary School.

“This is a good book because it’s a true story about one of our great presidents. As a boy, Theodore read a lot of books. He wrote and illustrated stories about animals and bugs. He loved the outdoors and hunting. When he grew up, he married Alice Lee and had a baby. His wife and mother unexpectedly died two days later.

“Roosevelt was in and out of politics.Then he married Edith Carrow and had lots of kids. Looks like they had a lot of fun at the White House with all their pets! I think the most important thing Teddy Roosevelt did was save 230 million acres for parks and national forests. I love the outdoors and animals too! Thank you President Roosevelt!”

Reviewed by Landon Kuenzel, second grade, St. John the Baptist School.

“I thought this book would be about a guy that was president. It was about a guy that started national parks. He also helped wildlife. Also he drew really good pictures.

“I liked this book because it was cool that even though Roosevelt was very sick, he still studied a lot. I recommend this book to my cousin because he works at the zoo and animals are important to him.”

Reviewed by Madison Raymond, third grade, Immaculate Conception School.

“This is a story about Theodore Roosevelt, or Teedie for short. Teedie had asthma and could not see. That didn’t stop him from reading books. He looked at pictures in books. He looked at hippopotami and zebras racing across the African plans. He gobbled up books about soldiers at Valley Forge and frontiersmen, Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone.”

“’I felt a great admiration for men who were fearless. I had a great desire to be like them,’ said Teedie.

“Teedie wanted to go to college, but he didn’t have the energy to go because of his asthma. Later on he got married to Alice. Teedie felt great joy that day. Then Alice had a baby. Two days after that she died, along with his mother. He was devastated. He left the baby with his sister and went out west for three years.

“Then Teedie got married again to Edith. He also got a lot of jobs. If you want to see all of the jobs he got read this book. I recommend it to anyone who is brave like Teedie.”

Reviewed by Gisele Bolzenius, third Grade, Immaculate Conception School.

“I like this book because Roosevelt traveled all over the world. I’d like to travel, but we don’t travel that much. But we are going to Mississippi. I read about a lot of brave people. I like this book. It is interesting to see what job Roosevelt did next.

“He got married to Alice. Then on February 12, 1884, Alice gave birth to their daughter. Teddy’s happiness turned to sorrow two days later when both his wife and mother unexpectedly died.

“Roosevelt had a big imagination when he was little. I want to recommend this book to Naomi, my little sister. She has a big imagination.”

Reviewed by Liam Kluesner, third Grade, Immaculate Conception School.

“This is a story about Theodore Roosevelt, or for short, Ted. My favorite part is when Ted gets lots of jobs. Ted married Alice and had a baby girl. Two days later Alice died.

“One of his jobs was as president. I would recommend this book to my friend David. I feel that the book is one of the best books in the world.”

Reviewed by Joseph Stryker, third Grade, Immaculate Conception School.

“Theodore Roosevelt had asthma and could not see until he got glasses. Roosevelt liked reading about brave people and wanted to be like them. He wrote books and illustrated them. He also collected animals and bird specimens. He tried to get stronger.

“Theodore wanted to go to college. He did three years in two. He got married to Alice. I recommend this book to me.”

Reviewed by Olivia Espowe, third grade, Immaculate Conception School.

“I like this story because I like to learn about things and this book is very entertaining and interesting. But it gets sad because when his wife had a baby; she died and he left his daughter and his sister watched over her while he was working.

“Roosevelt got a new job. He went in the war. His team was called the Rough Riders. They were in Cuba. Then Roosevelt became vice president. Then the president died, and he became president and married Edith. They had six children and lots of animals.”

Reviewed by Hannah Gillison, third grade, Immaculate Conception School.

“Theodore Roosevelt couldn’t see very well. He also had asthma. He wrote books, and he also illustrated them. He also collected animals and put them in places. He did three years of school in two.

“Theodore Roosevelt (or Teedie) got married to Alice. She died two days after she had a baby. Then Roosevelt went out west and met another girl named Edith. He married her. Roosevelt had many jobs. He became vice president and then president.

“I like this book because it encourages me to do what I want. I recommend it to my grandpa Beerman because he always is doing what he wants and won’t let anyone stop him.”

Reviewed by Elizabeth Smith, age 12, St. Francis Borgia Grade School.

“This book was about the life of Theodore Roosevelt. When Theodore was a young child he loved to read and draw. Then he went to college and fell in love with Alice Hathaway Lee and they got married. After that he soon became a member of the New York State Assembly. Alice then gave birth to their daughter. Two days later Alice and Theodore’s mother died.

“He then left to go to the Dakota Territory for three years and left baby Alice with his sister. When he came back home, he fell in love with Edith Carow. He helped pass a law so the California Sequoia’s would be protected. On July 1, 1898 Theodore Roosevelt led the Rough Riders to battle against the Spaniards in Cuba. Later he became the vice president under William McKinley, and when President McKinley was assassinated, Theodore Roosevelt became president of the United States.

“When I saw the title of this book I thought it would be about the mighty things Teddy Roosevelt did in his life. My prediction was correct; I thought it was a great book. This book tells you what Roosevelt liked to do as a child and all the things he did in his life.

“Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy," by Karen Foxlee.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Smith and Grace McKinnis, age 12, St. Francis Borgia Grade School.

“Ophelia was wandering through a museum and found a secret door. To her surprise behind the locked door was a boy. The boy had a quest to fulfill and it was up to Ophelia to find three keys to open the door, find the ‘one other,’ and retrieve a magic sword so the Snow Queen wouldn’t freeze the earth.

“The story took place in an old run down museum with many different and odd artifacts. There were many characters, Ophelia, The Marvelous Boy, Alice, Mr. Whitterd, the Snow Queen and Ms. Kaminski. Ophelia was the main character. She started out not so brave, but in the end was very brave.

“We strongly disliked Ms. Kaminski and the Snow Queen. Our favorite character was Ophelia, because she was very kind and brave.

“We thought this was a good book; there was a lot of creativity that was fun to picture in your head. We would recommend this book to those interested in magic because this book is filled with interesting wizards and creatures.”

Reviewed by Emalee Cregar, sixth grade, St. Ignatius Loyola.

“The author who wrote this book wrote a mysterious fiction book. The book takes place in a foreign land where it always snows. This book teaches you about friendship, courage, love and never giving up.

“Ophelia, Alice and their father moved to a foreign place. The girl’s mother died. Their father gets a job at a museum and Ophelia finds a boy locked in a room. The boy told her the story of his journey. The girl finds the keys to release him, and faces her fears.

“I like how the author describes things and places. The author got her point across. My favorite part was when Ophelia went up to the seventh floor. ‘The misery bird’s wings opened so suddenly and with such a snap that it made Ophelia fall backward and land with a bump on the ground.’

“Like Ophelia, people have depended on me before. I’ve had to face my fears like Ophelia has. I also have an older sister. In other books I’ve read, there is a deadline and a person to save. I recommend this book to fifth grade. If you like having some mystery, this is a book to read.”