Captive Audience at Family Reading Night

It’s awesome to get feedback on Family Reading Night. This year’s event, held on March 7, was amazingly well attended, more than 700 folks of all ages turned out to celebrate books.

Though the event has been held for 14 years, it continues to draw newcomers like Paul Scheperle of Life Stream Church, pictured here playing the guitar.

Paul took his children along to the reading celebration and told FRN Chairman Dawn Kitchell what a positive time they all had. His son won one of the gift cards provided by the Washington High School football team's donation.

The family took their gift card to Target and each child got to pick out a book they wanted, and a book they could read as a family.

At FRN, one of the children also won a reading basket. Some of books included in their prize basket were a bit too young for the Scheperle children. So the family paid it forward.

They donated the books to the preschool class at Life Stream Church.

“What a gift of literacy for this family and those they touched,” Dawn said in her thank you note to the boys on the WHS football team.

Family Reading Night continues to be a win-win event for all who participate, givers and wide receivers. Be sure to save the date for next year, Friday evening, March 6th.