"The Long Way Home," by Ann Martin

Young readers relish having a series they can turn to. Lauren Dickhut, a fifth grader at Our Lady of Lourdes School, is enjoying “Family Tree” by Ann Martin, a four-book series published by Scholastic about girls from four different generations.

“The Long Way Home” is about a girl named Dana who lives in New York in the 1960s. Life is going great until an accident on a ferry leaves her without a dad.

Dana's life flips from good to bad when her mom (Abby, from the first book in this series, “Better to Wish”) is found without a job and struggles to care for her family. The family moves from place to place.

Dana decides she can't take it anymore, so she moves in with her aunt in New York. Her mother remarries, and Dana is traveling to see her family a lot when they are struggling.

I liked all of the excitement in this book. It's a sad story because Dana's dad dies and her mom keeps getting different jobs. One time she works as a waitress and goes to work when the kids get home from school. She meets them at school to give them the baby and then she goes to work.

I have never read a book like it before, and I look forward to reading the next in this series, “Best Kept Secret.”