"Half Bad"

What Makes You Half Bad?

Sally Green creates an exciting new series with the first installment, "Half Bad.” Full of witches, magic, potions and mayhem this story will make the reader sit forward in his chair and read, read, read.

The protagonist, Nathan, spends the last years before his 17th birthday, shackled in a cage, being trained to kill his father, a prisoner of the white witches. As a Half Code, or a half-black, half-white witch, Nathan is always under suspicion from the time he is born until the white witches imprison him.

Nathan must fight free of the white witches’ tyranny, learn about himself, and chose a side. Will he join the white witches who are supposed to be good or the evil black witches, with his father being the worst of black of all time.

Growing up, Nathan lived with his grandmother, two half-sisters, and half-brother who all had one hundred percent white witches’ blood. His mother committed suicide when he was still young, and he never met his father. As he struggles through life, the reader sees the tricks he uses to help him live from day to day. Whether it is surviving brutal attacks from white witches his own age or sleeping outside because he could literally go crazy sleeping indoors. The reader lives Nathan's struggles with him through the author’s use of expert imagery.

This was an exciting tale full of adventure and fear. The reader is always on the edge waiting for the next thing to go wrong and hoping that their guess of what happens next is incorrect. Green really involves the reader in Nathan's story and creates feelings of empathy for him. Many people will be able to connect with Nathan, from the missing father, to the loss of control that Nathan has over his life. It truly feels as if he is in a prison even when he is free. “Half Bad” is a great start to Green's series, and I can't wait for the next installment.