"Everyday Angel #1:  New Beginnings"

Gabby Torres is facing many problems in her life when her brother Marco hurts his leg, and the family has to move to a new city for surgery. Gabby has to go to a different school. Then Aria shows up. Little does Gabby know that Aria came for her, to help her. Aria is an angel, and can make herself disappear sometimes. No one other than Gabby knows she’s an angel.

Aria has to help three people before getting her wings, and Gabby is the first person she helps.

I liked this book because I believe in angels. I like the idea that there are angels to help us when we have problems. It was a creative and fun story that was easy to read.

I recommended this book to my friend. I am excited to read the next book in the series.

“Everyday Angel #2: Second Chances” will be published by Scholastic in late August.