"Natchez Burning"

It’s going to take longer than a weekend to get through “Natchez Burning,” an epic novel that has the feel of the 1960’s classic film, “In the Heat of the Night.” Text heavy pages numbering more than 700 will keep me burning the midnight oil, but the book is going to be worth the time invested.

I’m already hooked on the narrative set in the south in the mid-1960’s, the era of the Vietnam War, race riots, and the assignations of the Kennedys and Martin Luther King, Jr.

The first book in a trilogy, the thriller features Penn Cage, a lawyer who has learned his scruples from his father, Dr. Tom Cage, a general practitioner, a good man innocently drawn into a heinous racial hate crime when he’s summoned for medical help.

Years later, the past returns to haunt him and secrets surface that threaten to ruin him. It’s up to his lawyer-son to save the doctor—will Penn Cage be up to the challenge?

Put “Natchez Burning” on your "to-be-read-list." It’s from Harper Collins and pubs the end of April.